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JSC "Ametist-Stan” is a developer and manufacturer of multilayer clad materials, strips and wires made of a wide range of precision alloys and non-ferrous metals, micron wire of nickel and nickel alloys, aluminium and aluminium alloys, high-purity metals and special alloys. 

The enterprise is constantly engaged in the development and release of new types of products, including laminated materials according to the specific customer requirements; it develops new types of metallic materials.

The manufactured products are widely used in electronics, precision machinery, automotive, electrical and other industries in order to produce the final products for civilian applications.

Products of JSC "Ametist-Stan”:

  • Multilayer clad strip
  • Ferrous, non-ferrous metals and precision alloys rolled products
  • Non-ferrous and precision alloys wire
  • Bimetallic wire and strip
  • Micron wire
  • Magnetron deposition targets

We'll be glad to become a reliable supplier of high quality materials for you!